New Store Online

The new Radio Theatre Workshop store is now open, providing you with access to high-quality full-cast audio drama and merchandise. Celebrate the return of Escape Velocity with a fantastic original T Shirt or Limited Edition Travel Mug and hear our latest and best audio dramas.

Released on September 30th, you can now pre-order the Kickstarter-backed Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures, featuring Andy Secombe (Star Wars Episode I) and Samantha BĂ©art (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).

Also available is Michael Brookes' fantastic Forced Entry - which has been available on our store for some time, but is now easier to access than ever before. Hear this gripping and gruesome tale of modern weaponry versus unspeakable evil.

Escape Velocity Series 3 Trailer Takes Off

Probably enough said, really...

There's still time to become a Patron, support the development and get some great rewards, including high audio quality version, hangouts with the director and private streams of post-production.

New Store

It's been an incredible year so far at The Radio Theatre Workshop and in a few days we'll be able to share some of our hard work with you. We're just working on the physical and download versions of our latest full-cast audio drama "Chaos Reborn - A Unicorn Murder" which will be available shortly. To support that release, we'll be launching our new store on Sunday 4th September, using a great new delivery service for MP3s and physical goods and allowing us to focus on creating and delivering great audio drama. The store will also have merchandise for our various series, including Escape Velocity! So if you want any of our limited edition Escape Velocity travel mugs or T-Shirts, you'll be able to order these from Sunday!

Screenshot of new store

The travel mugs come in either purple or black and the t-shirts feature fantastic artwork by prolific community artist Kevin Massey, funded and commissioned by our fantastic Patreon backers for Escape Velocity.

Animal Crossing Noir Returns!

Many of you may remember Animal Crossing Noir - a personal passion project of mine to narrate my gameplay experiences in the form of a surreal, Chandler-esque journey through the 3DS game Animal Crossing New Leaf.

It's been resurrected thanks to Family Gamer TV and commissioned as a 10-part motion comic on their YouTube channel. The first four episodes - released as a podcast in 2013 - have been remixed with new music and effect and set to images grabbed from the game itself. What results is a compelling and unique web series.

Into the magical land of Animal Crossing comes a new visitor: a stranger on a train who has no memory of boarding and no idea of his destination. A place where the townsfolk keep him prisoner and the mayor's assistant Isabelle knows more than she reveals. He escaped from Animal Crossing once before. What would compel him to return? Can he escape the town a second time?

You can catch Animal Crossing Noir here and the first episode is below. Enjoy!

Opportunity for the Official Elite: Dangerous Computer to Appear in Escape Velocity

Actor in Recording Booth
Amy Timms (May) recording at the Radio Theatre Workshop
After some negotiation and discussion we have an opportunity to use Verity Croft - who provides her voice to the in-ship systems in Elite: Dangerous - to come and provide her vocal talents for the Escape Velocity and other various station computers and consoles! It's a tremendously exciting opportunity, as it brings the series one step closer to fidelity with the game. It's always been my hope that players of Elite: Dangerous will find themselves immersed in a familiar and faithful world when they listen to this series.

Using Verity wasn't in the original budget, so it would be great if we could find more backers to get us to the next Patreon milestone ($1000). The existing Patrons are already doing their part, so please spread the word, share the Patreon page with anyone who expresses any kind of love for Escape Velocity or Sci-Fi Audio Drama and lets get those extra lovely people on board!

In other news, recording began today with the arrival of Amy Timms to the studio to reprise her role as May Havelock! It was great to have Amy back behind the mic and it really feels like production on EV has properly started now that Amy has done her stuff. If you've not yet heard Amy in the previous 11 episodes of Escape Velocity, head over to the Escape Velocity website to hear them!