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In addition, the excellent full-cast audio horror short Forced Entry written by Sun Dragon author and Jurassic Park Evolution producer Michael Brookes is 50% off!. Forced Entry is a Mil-Tech Horror story about a group of special forces operatives called to a rescue. Instead of a hostage situation, they discover blood, demons and a whole world of terror in the basement...

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New Horror Comedy for World Audio Drama Day

We are once again proud to be supporting 11th Hour Audio Productions and a host of other audio drama creators for this year's World Audio Drama Day (October 30th 2018). Audio dramatists from around the globe have risen to the challenge of producing a story within the month of October.

This year, we produced a horror comedy called "Castle of Horror", based on a script by David Meredith and produced by Karim Kronfli (The Byron Chronicles) and features Layla Katib (Victoriocity), Sarah Golding (Wynabego Warrior), Michael Hudson (Star Ship Intrepid) and audio production is by our own Christopher Jarvis (Elite: Lave Revolution) with music by Avi Ziv (The Stories of Mahabharata). Castle of Horror is available from 11th Hour Audio or you can listen here:

Listen to "Castle Of Horror" on Spreaker.

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From the official Elite Dangerous novel by Allen Stroud comes the full-cast adaptation! Witness the revolution in which a desperate band of survivors triggers events which lead to the historical sway in power in the Lave system. 

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(Mild adult content)
Set in the universe of the Elite Dangerous videogame, this audio drama features a full original audio score from composer and author Allen Stroud as well as authentic sounds from the game, the cast of Escape Velocity and Toby Longworth, Beth Eyre and Verity Croft as the voice of the computer.

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Lave Revolution - USB Cards

New Free Audio for World Audio Drama Day

Ivory Towers Poster by Monique Boudreau
Cover Art by Monique Boudreau
RTW is proud to be collaborating with 11th Hour Audio Productions for this year's World Audio Drama Day (October 30th 2017). Audio dramatists from around the globe have risen to the challenge of producing a story within the month of October.

The British entry in this festival is "Ivory Towers" written by Richard H Brooks and Directed by Karim Kronfli (The Byron Chronicles) and features Beth Ayre (Wooden Overcoats), Rob Bowen (Claires Court Shed Theatre), David Weeks (Frankenstein), John Watts, Sarah Golding (Wynabego Warrior) and audio production is by our own Christopher Jarvis (Escape Velocity) with music by Tom Rory Parsons (Small Town Horror). Ivory Towers will be broadcast by 11th Hour Audio Productions on 30th October.

About World Audio Drama Day

October 30th, 2013 was the 75th anniversary of Orson Welles' classic and controversial radio production of "The War of the Worlds." This date became the first “Audio Drama Day”, the beginning of an annual celebration of audio drama in all its forms: new, old, scary, funny, serious, silly, classic, and modern.
Photo of Ivory Towers Cast Recording
Recording at The Radio Theatre Workshop

Escape Velocity series 4 is in development!

Escape Velocity series 4 is in development! I'm currently working on the scripts that will become series 4 of Escape Velocity - where the story that has been gradually told over three seasons will finally come to a dramatic conclusion!

New artwork by the brilliant Simon Myers (
Escape Velocity is funded by you, the listeners and fans. I really couldn't make it without you so if you love the podcast please consider becoming one of our wonderful Patrons over at Unlike a one-off crowdfund site, Patreon allows you to support the show one episode at a time. It's a really great way of making this podcast and I am hugely grateful to all my supporters.

Right now I'm planning additional content which will be exclusive to each episode's backers, so there isn't a better time than now to get involved in the series and keep up to date with development news as it happens!

Don't forget our awesome RTW store, where you can pick up other great audios by the creators of Escape Velocity. You can pick up the brilliant Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures on USB for only £7.99 + shipping, plus you get access to the download edition right away, so you don't even have to wait for the mail to start listening. And don't forget that we've got Forced Entry, a tale of Special Forces, a creepy house, demons and lots and lots of chills...