New Horror Comedy for World Audio Drama Day

We are once again proud to be supporting 11th Hour Audio Productions and a host of other audio drama creators for this year's World Audio Drama Day (October 30th 2018). Audio dramatists from around the globe have risen to the challenge of producing a story within the month of October.

This year, we produced a horror comedy called "Castle of Horror", based on a script by David Meredith and produced by Karim Kronfli (The Byron Chronicles) and features Layla Katib (Victoriocity), Sarah Golding (Wynabego Warrior), Michael Hudson (Star Ship Intrepid) and audio production is by our own Christopher Jarvis (Elite: Lave Revolution) with music by Avi Ziv (The Stories of Mahabharata). Castle of Horror is available from 11th Hour Audio or you can listen here:

Listen to "Castle Of Horror" on Spreaker.