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Elite: Lave Revolution

From the producers of Escape Velocity comes the audio drama adaptation of Allen Stroud's incredible novel...

AD 3174 – One man’s world.

AD 3265 – Not any more.


A single planet, orbiting a dying star. For centuries, spacefarers have visited, docked at the space station and left, with no thought for the people on the planet below.

Bad luck at cards means bad luck all round for Pietro Devander, who journeys half way across human controlled space to this ancient planet, whose name is barely remembered.

What he finds is resistance. What it becomes, is revolution.

Hear the opening of Lave Revolution now!
(Mild adult language)
Written by Allen Stroud under official license from the creators of, and based in the vast universe of Elite Dangerous.

10% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to EDS UK who since 1987 have been helping sufferers of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome cope with the often debilitating symptoms and live full active lives.


Lave Revolution USB Cards
Also available, a USB edition featuring artwork from the Lave Revolution novel. This version features all of the Download edition on a high quality, artwork printed 8gb USB card. You will also have access immediately to the download edition, so you can listen and enjoy from the moment of purchase!

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Runtime  5 hrs 14 mins
Written by Allen Stroud
Adapated and Directed by Christopher Jarvis
Music: Allen Stroud.
Format: 320kbps and/or 192kbps DRM-Free MP3.

Author Biography

Photo of Allen Stroud
A University Lecturer from Bucks New University in High Wycombe for ten years, Allen Stroud heads the successful Film and TV Production degree and also teaches Creative Writing. He has taught a module in Writing Fantasy for nine years and has a Masters Degree in Science Fiction and Fantasy world-building. He also writes music and has composed work featured in award winning short films.
Photo of Christopher Jarvis
Christopher Jarvis is a full-time writer and audio fiction producer. He is best known for writing and producing Escape Velocity, the unofficial Elite: Dangerous full-cast audio serial. His own adventures continue with his new website, The Radio Theatre Workshop, created as a base of operations for multiple audio projects, including four Elite: Dangerous audiobooks, and the upcoming full-cast series based on Chaos Reborn.