New Free Audiobook - The Lost World

It's been a tough old time for many and I know that many of you - like me - are stuck at home with seemingly no end in sight.

Cover image for The Lost WorldI also know that for many, it's an expensive time. The income has evaporated, but most of our costs remain high. Anything we can do to help each other is worthwhile. So, starting tonight, I'm reading a free classic audiobook for you to download and enjoy.

Maybe it'll help you stop worrying and get a good night's sleep. Maybe it will be a chance to listen with your children and introduce them to some literary classics (and personal favourites of mine!) as well as share the joy of audio stories with them.

This is presented very much as a straight reading. There are no effects, none of the usual post production - just a story to help get you through. If you enjoy the story and would like to see a properly edited version with bells and whistles, well that's maybe for later when the present emergency has passed. For now, enjoy a free story!