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Escape Velocity - Available free from Lave Radio

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Escape Velocity is a full-cast audio science-fiction serial, written and produced by Christopher Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop, based on the video game Elite: Dangerous. Starring Amy Timms, Alan Wales, Janet Westwood Wilson and Liam McCauley. Full Credits

Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures - Available in our store
An exciting new videogame adaptation from the producers of Elite: Escape Velocity. Based on Julian Gollop's game of Wizard battles and set in a world fractured by magic and starring Steve McTigue, Andy Secombe, Samantha BĂ©art and Scott Joseph.

Forced Entry - Available in our store
Based on the popular short story by Michael Brookes and adapted by Christopher Jarvis; starring Janet Westwood Wilson, Liam McCauley and Benjamin Goodman. A special forces team is called in to handle a hostage situation. Inside they find a sealed basement door and a trail of blood leading to the bedroom.


Elite: Reclamation - website
Audiobook of Drew Wagar's official Elite: Dangerous novel, read by Toby Longworth. Now available from Fantastic Books Publishing. Full Credits

Elite: And Here The Wheel - website
Official Elite: Dangerous novel by John Harper and read by Scott Ainslie. Now available from Fantastic Books Publishing. Full Credits

Elite: Mostly Harmless - website
Kate Russell's official Elite: Dangerous novel, read by the author. Full credits

Elite: Tales from the Frontier - website
15 short stories written in the Elite: Dangerous universe, read by Penelope McDonald and Toby Longworth. Full credits