Full Cast Audio Drama

Escape Velocity - Available free from Lave Radio

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Escape Velocity is a full-cast audio science-fiction serial, written and produced by Christopher Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop, based on the video game Elite: Dangerous. Starring Amy Timms, Alan Wales, Janet Westwood Wilson and Liam McCauley. Full Credits

Ivory Towers - Available free here

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Ivory Towers is a horror story, produced for 11th Hour Audio Productions' World Audio Drama Day celebration. Written by Richard Brooks, Ivory Towers is the story of a pair of 1920's Oxford students who lead a friend to a prank in a Master's study. However the discovery of a hidden passage and secret lab lead to terrors and revelations beyond their imagination. Featuring the voice talents of Beth Ayre, Rob Bowen, David Weeks, Karim Kronfli, John Watts and Sarah Golding. Full Credits

Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures - Available in our store
An exciting new videogame adaptation from the producers of Elite: Escape Velocity. Based on Julian Gollop's game of Wizard battles and set in a world fractured by magic and starring Steve McTigue, Andy Secombe, Samantha BĂ©art and Scott Joseph.

Forced Entry - Available in our store
Based on the popular short story by Michael Brookes and adapted by Christopher Jarvis; starring Janet Westwood Wilson, Liam McCauley and Benjamin Goodman. A special forces team is called in to handle a hostage situation. Inside they find a sealed basement door and a trail of blood leading to the bedroom.


Elite: Reclamation - website
Audiobook of Drew Wagar's official Elite: Dangerous novel, read by Toby Longworth. Now available from Fantastic Books Publishing. Full Credits

Elite: And Here The Wheel - website
Official Elite: Dangerous novel by John Harper and read by Scott Ainslie. Now available from Fantastic Books Publishing. Full Credits

Elite: Mostly Harmless - website
Kate Russell's official Elite: Dangerous novel, read by the author. Full credits

Elite: Tales from the Frontier - website
15 short stories written in the Elite: Dangerous universe, read by Penelope McDonald and Toby Longworth. Full credits