Ivory Towers

Written by Richard H Brooks

Produced in celebration of World Audio Drama Day 2017 for 11th Hour Audio Productions.

1920s, Oxford. Students, Thomas and Roger, try to impress Agnes, a young woman from outside the college, by breaking into the Master’s study for a late night drink. The prank turns more threatening when they discover a secret wing of the college and the Master takes chase. Yet their arrival at the tower has been anticipated and soon the two students begin to question how well they know their new-found friend.

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Beth Ayre – Agnes
Rob Bowen – Thomas
David Weeks – Roger
Karim Kronfli – Master Smedley
John Watts – Chipley
Sarah Golding – Lydia
Christopher Jarvis – Porter

Ivory Towers Theme and score composed by Tom Rory Parsons (additional pieces from www.purple-planet.com)

Recording and sound production by Christopher Jarvis/The Radio Theatre Workshop

Cover art by Monique Boudreau

Directed by Karim Kronfli

The Radio Theatre Workshop is grateful to the following Creative Commons sound effects sources:

"creaking-floorboards" by limwei
"ice-clinking-in-empty-glass-mug" by terryhancock
"bolt-on-gate-open-close" by loljames
"small-group-laughter" by ch0cchi
"25-laughing-01" by ironi-alef
"todler-laughing" by stevious42
"building-collapse02-close" by onteca
"running-on-concrete" by maj061785

and "Crowd Boo And Heckles" from SoundBible.com