Chaos Reborn Full-Cast Audio Kickstarter

We've gone live with our very first Kickstarter project to create Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures.

It's finally here! If you head over to Kickstarter you can back our first crowd-funded audio drama. The new series is a magic fantasy with creature battles, based on Chaos Reborn by Julian Gollop - the creator of XCom, Laser Squad, Rebelstar and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.

It's been a long journey to this point, but we are really excited that you can be a part of making this series happen. We have a whole load of exciting updates and extras planned and right now you can get in on the whole funded series on a credit-card shaped USB stick, game licence and audio download bundles (with huge thanks to Julian Gollop!), limited signed script fronts and cast photos, high quality downloads, CDs and more.

Chaos Reborn is a world of fantasy where Wizard battles each other for control of the remnants of an Earth shattered into pieces by magic. In the game, you can summon creatures, wield magical weapons, change the landscape around you and ride Pegasi and Manticores to fly around the arena. Along the way you will meet mysterious characters, ruined towers and deadly games.

With Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures, we want to lift those stories off the PC and into full-cast audio stories. What happens when a Unicorn breeder is murdered on the day of a big race? Who is the skeletal lord living in a dungeon who wishes to hire you for revenge? How far will a Marauder go to track your steps and prevent you from reaching the Wizard King? How much will an apprentice have to sacrifice to meet their destiny and become a Wizard of Limbo?

Christopher Jarvis in the Radio Theatre Workshop studio
Christopher Jarvis in the Radio Theatre Workshop studio
The Kickstarter will give a casting budget to get actors into the studio so we can get this series made and get it out to our lovely backers, before making it available through this website. We're really looking forward to hearing from you throughout this crowd-fund project and excited that you can be a part of it.

Please do head over to Kickstarter now to show your support, either by backing the project or spreading the word. Every Tweet, Comment, Like or Share helps us get a little bit closer to making this project a reality!

Thank you

Christopher Jarvis