A Massive Escape Velocity Thank You

Thank you to everybody to got involved with the 12-hr livestream for my audio drama Escape Velocity! It's been a wild day, with the Elite: Dangerous community once again surpassing my expectations with their generosity of time, support and funding.

Christopher Jarvis presents the 12-hr fundraising livestream for Escape Velocity
It is with great pleasure I can announce that you all smashed the initial Patreon milestone (and made short work of the next two) and Escape Velocity can now go into development. I'm really excited for this and so grateful to the fantastic community that's made all of this happen, not just today but for all the help leading up to this point.

Special thanks to Zac Antonaci, from Frontier Developments, for coming on at the beginning and answering any questions possible on Horizons and Planet Coaster, thanks to Ben (Cmdr Eid LeWeise) and Cmdr Bikky for keeping me company for the first part of the Escape Velocity locations tour, thanks to Liam McCauley, Rebecca Keeves, and Amy Timms from the cast of Escape Velocity for coming on and being interviewed and sharing memories from previous recordings. Thank you to Julian Gollop for coming on and talking Chaos Reborn and being so fantastic in the support of that "other" Kickstarter!

Delving into gaming history with Interphase

Thank you to Allen Stroud for coming and talking music and Interphase and Cmdr DrToxic for winging up and bailing me out when I lost track of fuel. Thank you to Ben Moss-Woodward, Darren Grey, Dave Hughes and Grant Woolcott for playing the RPG and a special extra thank you to Dave Hughes for continually keeping the clickable Patreon link in the Twitch chat. Thank you to the Lave Radio crew for ongoing support and the loan of the Twitch channel for the day and for all the other streamers who hosted the stream. And an extra thank you to Grant for continuing to be awesome. A special thank you to my wife for bringing me sustenance while I was locked in the studio, for finding stuff, keeping child entertained and for ongoing love and support throughout these projects!

And a big Thank You also to everyone who watched, tweeted, contributed and backed the project. This is down to you all!

Interviewing Amy Timms (May from Escape Velocity)

I am in the process of moving the videos to YouTube and making sense of them all. Please bear with me if you missed the stream and want to catch up. The videos can, at the moment of writing, still be viewed on the Lave Radio Twitch Channel. There is still one active milestone on the Escape Velocity Patreon page and I really hope that more and more fans will continue to come and give their support to the project. The money all goes into making new episodes of Escape Velocity as excellent as they can be, and the next milestone would give us the opportunity to get some proper artwork commissioned for EV, for the first time ever!

Right On, Commanders!