New Audio Drama Series Announced for Chaos Reborn

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We just wanted to let you all know about the exciting new magic, sword and sorcery audio drama series we're producing at the Radio Theatre Workshop. It's with great pleasure that we're able to announce that we are working in partnership with Snapshot Games to produce a new series based on Chaos Reborn.

We're massive fans of Julian Gollop's game and it creates such a huge untapped world for stories and adventure we jumped at the chance to contribute something ourselves. We're currently writing scripts and planning a crowd-sourcing project to give you all the chance for exclusives and pre-orders on CDs and downloads. This will provide us with a fund to hire actors and produce the best fantasy audio drama we can give you and we want to pack the project with fun stuff and beautiful exclusives as rewards.

Concept Art for Chaos Reborn

Audio drama is my favourite medium, because you can enjoy it when you're out and about, or doing housework and with Chaos Reborn you can keep enjoying the game when you're away from the PC. It's amazing to work alongside the developers, because we get access to all the art and sound effects which enables us to create something really faithful to the game.

But it isn't just for the gamers. They'll enjoy hearing the game world expanded with great actors and exciting stories. But audio drama fans will get a wholly untapped fantasy setting to explore. It has everything: Giants, Unicorns, Magic Trees, Dragons, Goblins, Vampires and, of course, battling Wizards. Bringing that all together is an amazing challenge and a privilege.

Chaos Reborn Screenshot
Early access version of the Chaos Reborn game
Thanks and we hope you'll enjoy coming on this adventure with us!