Animal Crossing Noir Returns!

Many of you may remember Animal Crossing Noir - a personal passion project of mine to narrate my gameplay experiences in the form of a surreal, Chandler-esque journey through the 3DS game Animal Crossing New Leaf.

It's been resurrected thanks to Family Gamer TV and commissioned as a 10-part motion comic on their YouTube channel. The first four episodes - released as a podcast in 2013 - have been remixed with new music and effect and set to images grabbed from the game itself. What results is a compelling and unique web series.

Into the magical land of Animal Crossing comes a new visitor: a stranger on a train who has no memory of boarding and no idea of his destination. A place where the townsfolk keep him prisoner and the mayor's assistant Isabelle knows more than she reveals. He escaped from Animal Crossing once before. What would compel him to return? Can he escape the town a second time?

You can catch Animal Crossing Noir here and the first episode is below. Enjoy!