Opportunity for the Official Elite: Dangerous Computer to Appear in Escape Velocity

Actor in Recording Booth
Amy Timms (May) recording at the Radio Theatre Workshop
After some negotiation and discussion we have an opportunity to use Verity Croft - who provides her voice to the in-ship systems in Elite: Dangerous - to come and provide her vocal talents for the Escape Velocity and other various station computers and consoles! It's a tremendously exciting opportunity, as it brings the series one step closer to fidelity with the game. It's always been my hope that players of Elite: Dangerous will find themselves immersed in a familiar and faithful world when they listen to this series.

Using Verity wasn't in the original budget, so it would be great if we could find more backers to get us to the next Patreon milestone ($1000). The existing Patrons are already doing their part, so please spread the word, share the Patreon page with anyone who expresses any kind of love for Escape Velocity or Sci-Fi Audio Drama and lets get those extra lovely people on board!

In other news, recording began today with the arrival of Amy Timms to the studio to reprise her role as May Havelock! It was great to have Amy back behind the mic and it really feels like production on EV has properly started now that Amy has done her stuff. If you've not yet heard Amy in the previous 11 episodes of Escape Velocity, head over to the Escape Velocity website to hear them!