Elite: Escape Velocity is a free podcast supported by you, the listeners and fans! Because of that, we don't have awesome physical editions of the series for sale but you can get some amazing rewards by donating to the show's production!

Patreon donations for series 4 won't be taken until the series begins next year. Many Patrons who have supported the show for six episodes so far are getting awesome USB cards, featuring artwork from the series and a bunch of series 3 extras. But I don't want latecomers to miss out on on the chance to get these! With the way Escape Velocity is licenced, these are currently backer-only editions - I'm ordering enough to cover Patrons and that's it - when they're gone, they're gone!

There are three options, in line with the support levels of the Patreon groups:

  • Option 1 (£30) is the entire series with the digital (pdf) booklets. The episodes are in handy 128k size and higher quality 320k size and are advert-free.
  • Option 2 (£40) is the same, but also an archive of photos and videos from the production of the series, plus audio outtakes and interviews with the cast (over 45 mins of audio extras so far).
  • Option 3 (£50) contains all of the above, plus scanned JPG images of the director's own script, full of hand-written notes and corrections, as well as a PDF copy of the original recording script.

Thank you for supporting Escape Velocity!