New Audiobook - "Elite: Mostly Harmless" Released.

Hot on the trail of Elite: Tales from the Frontier, our second official Elite audiobook has now hit the stores for download and limited-edition USB stick over at Fantastic Books Publishing.

Elite: Mostly Harmless

Elite: Mostly Harmless is a sci-fi novel from the BBC's Kate Russell, set in the universe of Elite: Dangerous. Independent trader Angel Rose is down on her luck - over and over again. Before she knows it, she's taking on a trade run she doesn't want in the company of a mouthy robot she can't stand. Will the universe provide better fortune? The audiobook is performed by the author, Kate Russell and features a cameo by David Braben, creator of the original Elite and the new game Elite: Dangerous as well as a full sound effects treatment by Christopher Jarvis and an original score by Allen Stroud.

The audiobook is available to buy now at Fantastic Books Publishing