A Long Overdue Update

Hello, listeners! Thought it was time we gave a little update with the progress of the recording of Five shiny new audio projects coming your way and an update on our Kickstarter-funded studio!

The studio has performed brilliantly and delivered exactly what we needed it to do. We christened the studio with a brilliant first appearance by the legion-voiced Toby Longworth, who brought his wide range of characterisations as well as his huge experience of audiobooks and the sci-fi genre. Drew Wagar's amazing Elite: Reclamation is recorded, as well as the start of Toby's contribution to the Elite: Tales from the Frontier anthology of short stories.

Elite: Reclamation temporary artwork

Next up we had the amazingly talented Penelope McDonald, who has recorded half the short story anthology for us as well as a number of parts for Elite: Lave Revolution, our new full-cast audio drama, adapted from the forthcoming book. It's sounding amazing so far - some great performances - and the multi-booth design of the studio is helping us to get the best out of audio drama recording.

Illustration from Elite: Tales from the Frontier (Children of Zeus)

We've also had the pleasure of recording with Scott Ainslie, who has voiced John Harper's Elite: And Here The Wheel - a debut novel from a New Zealand writer. Additionally, Kate Russell has finished recording her own novel, Elite: Mostly Harmless and the recordings are winging their way to us for post-production magic.

Finally, we'll be looking forward to wrapping up recording of the Elite: Dangerous anthology of short stories, Elite: Tales from the Frontier and also welcoming the rest of our talented cast for Elite: Lave Revolution.

The script for Elite: Lave Revolution; it's quite an epic...
-- Chris