Shiny new studio incoming!

It's been a while since we've given any updates on activity here at The Radio Theatre Workshop. So much has been going on and we have so much exciting news that we've been far too busy to stop and take stock.

Firstly, congratulations to Fantastic Books Audio for completing their Kickstarter to produce audiobooks based on the upcoming videogame Elite: Dangerous. In an exciting finale to the fundraiser, four books suddenly became five with the signing of BBC presenter and Elite author Kate Russell with her book, Elite: Mostly Harmless.

We're overjoyed to announce that that The Radio Theatre Workshop will be producing these audiobooks. In the next few months we will be recording four audiobooks of three of the novels and the short story anthology. Finally, Elite: Lave Revolution will be adapted into a full-cast audio drama by the creative team behind Elite: Escape Velocity.

As part of this great new project, we received funding from Fantastic Books - as part of an agreement to continue to produce high-quality audio fiction for them for some time to come - to construct our very own purpose-built voice recording studio. Author and producer Christopher Jarvis has agreed to sacrifice his garage for the project and work has commenced.

However, the timescale for the books is extremely tight and we discovered that most brickies were not available in the window within which they were needed, so Chris and Dan Grubb, CEO of FBP set to work starting the conversion. All I can say is it's a good thing Dan is an expert builder. It's funny the jobs you get involved in to make a project happen when you are really passionate about it! Take a look at some of the pictures below and see the first stage of creating the studio!

The mostly empty garage at the start
Measuring out the booth spaces
A precise business, this
Booth 1 and outer wall begin construction
Publisher Dan gamely tries to fit in some publishing
Booth 1 taking shape
The first full-height booth, #3!
Outer wall and booth 1
We have a door
The finished studio space from inside. Next stop electrics!