First series of Elite: Escape Velocity now complete

It's been quite a ride over the last few months, but the first six-part series of our Elite: Dangerous-inspired full-cast audio drama is now finished. You can hear and download the entire series from the Escape Velocity website at Lave Radio, or from the links on this site.

Escape Velocity - An Elite: Dangerous Audio Adventure Serial

Escape Velocity was originally produced as a proof of concept. Combining a passion for the Elite: Dangerous mythology and a personal passion for great full-cast audio serials, Escape Velocity was a chance to see if I could do something that could compare with the great radio serials I grew up with and loved.

We've received a lot of comments and reviews for Escape Velocity over the last few weeks which have all been (in equal measure!) heartwarming, encouraging and motivating. Here's a selection...
"Latest episode is just amazing I am so hooked!"

"Really brilliant stuff. The production quality is so perfect."

"Well done. I didn't think I would like audio dramas but you have made me see/hear the error of my ways. Can't wait to hear what happens next."

"Very professional, better than many audio plays I've heard on national radio."

"Sounds fantastic. Voice acting, sound effects and story is first class. Excellent work."

"From an entertaining plot to the soundtrack and editing, this is a fantastic piece of work worthy of broadcast on any radio station."

"Captivating and intriguing!"

"Brilliantly produced."

"Escape Velocity is a real work of art!"

"A very professional affair."

"Loved it all, and really hoping there will be a sequel."
The reception it has received has proved the concept beyond a doubt. It's an understatement to say I'm pleased that Escape Velocity has not only found an audience with first time audiences coming to audio drama, but has also grown the enthusiasm for rich audio adventures. I hope to be able to come back to Escape Velocity for more adventures as soon as possible, plus a whole load of future projects.