Merry Christmas from The Radio Theatre Workshop - 40% Sale!

Time to wrap things up here for the year (see what I did there? ~ Christopher) and I really hope you've got all your presents sorted. We're going to be taking some time off here to celebrate with families and probably enjoy other people's sales. But we're having one here as well, so there seems to be no better time to start than now with our 40% sale!


Chaos Reborn USB Edition
Across the RTW store, you can get 40% of all prices (even at the currently displayed rate) by using code chris2016 at checkout. That's 40% off the remaining Escape Velocity T-Shirts and Mugs AND our full range of audio dramas in all formats. You can pick up our amazing Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures on USB for as little at £5.99 + shipping, plus you get access to the download edition right away, so even if it's a last minute Christmas present, they can still hear the episode! And for a creepy Christmas tale, don't forget that we've got Forced Entry, a tale of Special Forces, a creepy house, demons and lots and lots of chills...

From everyone involved here at The Radio Theatre Workshop, we'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year for 2017!

Chaos Reborn - The Audio Adventures
Forced Entry
Elite: Escape Velocity