Christmas Shipping Dates and new USB offers!

Christmas is upon us! How did that happen so quickly? Check out the store for amazing deals!

I've been loving the responses to Escape Velocity Series 3 - made all the better by the fact that Escape Velocity is now an officially licenced Elite Dangerous podcast! Woo-hoo! Thank you to everybody who made that happen, especially the fantastic supporters over at the Escape Velocity Patreon. With the series finished, some listeners were asking me how they could still get the Escape Velocity Patrons-only USB editions. The good news is that because of limited order quantities, there are a few spare, so if you'd like to donate to the series late and get one of these limited edition 8gb USB card featuring all the episodes and extras from the series, head over to the catch-up donation page! These will be delivered to me before the end of the year and I'll be sending them out as soon as possible!

Speaking of limited runs, now that the Chaos Reborn Kickstarter rewards have been shipped, there are some spare USB editions of "A Unicorn Murder" which have been made available in our store. These are shipping right now for Christmas in the UK and as an additional gift, I'll be increasing all the UK shipping to "signed-for" delivery, just to ensure that they get to you on time! Orders must be placed by 5pm Tuesday and the series is now available as £4.99 Download, £7.99 CD and £9.99 USB edition! Read more.

Also available in the store, the Escape Velocity Travel Mugs and T-Shirt have been reduced in price. Check them out!